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TO’AI Association Pakistan (Martial Arts)

TO’AI association Pakistan is a non-government non-political organization functioning for the promotion of TO’AI Martial Arts ever it’s establishment on 1st May 2000.

A part from dedicated and untiring efforts for TO’AI Martial Arts, the organization is actively engaged in social welfare activities by the producing skillful manpower through human resource martial art programs and training academic system. The teachers of TO’AI Association Pakistan are made up of people who are highly qualified and well rained. The strong and varied TO’AI martial art backgrounds of our teacher enable us to maintain a very high standard.

The TO’AI association Pakistan offers multi TO’AI martial arts training program for adults and children boys and girls of all ages.

View & Ideals:

Each of us that work out in every position in TO’AI Association Pakistan have got a view to future and follow up an ideal goal to approach our individual happiness in it and has an ideal frontispiece.  Our federation and Asian countries represntatives and five continents represntatives of the world have gotten a bigger and mor transcendental window that includes all people view and all spiritiual and physical things.

If the desirable look of this federation constituent be in the same way for future with federation outlook and Asian society, we not only could make specified future but also happiness and we could stable in all directions.

TO’AI martial arts are one of the most populated sport socieites in the world and in Pakistan. The first All Pakistan Championship was held with champions of four provinces in 2000. The martial arts effect on individual character causes attraction this art and indigenous is a suitable background to record this art and innovation as a legal shape in official convention such as Asian Olympic Council, Sports chords and in long-term view in I.O.C and issue.

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