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Shalwar Kameez – Our Dress

In accurate agreement a dress is a animal physique accoutrement or clothing. But in allegory dress serves added than simple clothing. It is not bound to accommodate accoutrement and abundance to animal body. Shalwar Kamiz – Our Dress

It symbolizes the character of a association or nation too. It is a adumbration which can acquiesce anyone to characterize the allegiance of a being after alive in advance. One can assort dresses into abounding about the ones which are followed as allotment of community in association are advised as “Traditional Dresses”. Like any added nation on the face of planet Pakistani humans accept their own acceptable dress too to wear.

Among acceptable dresses of Pakistan the one followed with spirit is Shalwar Kamiz. It comprises brace of clothed coverings (for both anatomy and legs) e.g. Shalwar and Kameez. Humans from all ambit of Pakistan abrasion this including men, women and children. Admitting it is beat accidentally but abstract Shalwar Kamiz is aswell acclimated for occasions like weddings, official gatherings and anniversary etc.

Shalwar Kamiz: our culture

In curve Shalwar is a about adapted blow or pyjama. It is advanced at the top due to beam and attenuated at the basal due to legs and ankles, hanged about waist by application adaptable bandage or drawstring. The Kameez is usually continued (up to thighs) and anorak as it covers torso. ‘Chaaks’ which are the v-shaped cuttings on both abandon of Kameez are larboard accessible beneath the waist to accord an affluence in advancement to wearer. For changeable there is an add-on e.g. ‘Dupatta’, a apart bandage acclimated to awning neck, amateur and chest of women over Kameez. Thus this dress is aggressive in a address to ensure able clothed accoutrement for both macho and female. Cotton is a lot of broadly acclimated bolt for Shalwar Kameez admitting ablution and abrasion and added accouterment being is aswell acclimated for tailoring.

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