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Pashtoon Culture

Pashtoo culture is full of respect, kindness with their neighbors, friends and relatives. They are loyal and if they once promised they are going to fulfill in any case. Sworn and Modesty are the feature of their culture. They speak truth and are kind. pashtoon are famous of their modesty and motivation in all over the world.

Justice where it has a main position in world in Pashto culture it has same position too.

 Pashtoo Culture

All tribes in pashtoon have their own leaders whose duty are to resolve disputes between any groups in a form of “Jirga”. If once Jirga decided their final decision so both sides are compelled to agree.

Dialogues: If any tribe is involved in enmity. Old peoples, their Chief and Scholars are trying to Resolve their issues through a successful dialogue.

Agreements: When in any tribe or an area of pashtoon problem occurred or any country attack they all to gather takes oath of “HOLY QURAN” to be one and will fight against them.

Homeland Security: Securing homeland is the duty of pashtoon. They consider their homeland as mother so they decide under the supervision of their Leaders to fight against enemy until to defeat them.

Guests: Pashtoon are famous to their hospitality. They consider their guest as blessing of Allah. They slaughter Lamp for their Guests and makes Different dishes for them.

Festivals: Pashtoon are celebrating both social and religious festivals with joy,respect and religious festival Eid-ul-fitar and Eid-ul-azha are celebrating with respect and joy and visit to their relatives homes and forgive each other on this event.


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