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Hassam Qazi (Senior Artists)

Hassam Qazi was a allegorical amateur and one of the a lot of chief artists of Pakistani television industry. He was built-in in 1963, in Quetta, Balochistan and started acting in the 80’s if he was a academy student. Hassam Qazi did Masters in Commerce from Balochistan University and was appointed as a academician in a academy but he didn’t larboard acting.

He was amidst the top actors of Pakistani television industry during the 90’s decade and accepted his abilities through his abilities in the industry.

Hassan Qazi had started his television career from Quetta Television in the 1980’s and admission as an amateur in consecutive Khali Hath, which was produced by Dost Muhammad Gashkori. After his admirable achievement in the aboriginal serial, accepted ambassador Kazim Pasha called him for his Urdu consecutive Chaoon and he accepted himself as a accomplished amateur in that consecutive with his outstanding performance. In actuality Hassan Qazi is broadly accepted for this serial.

In 1984, Hassan Qazi had performed in abounding acclaimed dramas including Marvi, Chakar e Azam and Mehraab Khan. His achievement in the consecutive Marvi was so abundant accepted by the admirers and it was a cool hit ball of Pakistan Television (PTV) at that time.

He had formed for both the Karachi and Islamabad assembly houses at the aforementioned time. Throughout his acknowledged acting career, Hassam Qazi had performed in added than 300 serials and his acclaimed dramas were Dard k Rishtey, Marvi, Dais Pardais, Emergency Ward, Mitti Ki Moorat, Silsiley, Chaun, Lab e Darya, Kashkol and Gharana.

In 2000, Hassam Qazi was diagnosed with affection disease, due to which he acclimatized down in Karachi for the analysis forth with his family. He had aswell taken a continued leave from the academy area he was teaching as a academician in Quetta. On 3rd July 2004, Hassam Qazi had suffered a affection advance and he was taken to the hospital in Karachi but abominably he died on the way to hospital.

Hassam Qazi was just 42 years of age if he was died and he larboard abaft three accouchement and his wife. He was a abundant asset of Pakistani television industry and will be consistently remembered for his casework to the industry.

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