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How to Disable USB Ports in Windows

Disable USB Ports in Windows

Sometimes, users may need to disable the USB ports on a computer to prevent device interaction. The action can be especially useful in work environments as it prevents the unauthorized copying of sensitive data. Disabling USB ports also keeps a network from becoming infected with viruses or other malware.

Disable USB Ports through BIOS Setup

Step 1. Enter the BIOS setup.
Step 2. Once in the BIOS setup, check the menus for an option to enable or disable the onboard USB ports.
Step 3. Make sure all USB options and Legacy USB Support options are disabled or off.
Step 4. Save and Exit the BIOS after making the changes. Typically, the F10 key is used to save and exit.
Step 5. After the computer has rebooted, check the USB ports to make sure they have been disabled.

Disable USB Ports in Windows

Step 1. Access the Run box  or Press Windows Key + R.
Step 2. Open the Windows Registry by typing regedit in the Run.
Step 3. In the Registry editor, open the below folder.


Step 4. In the USBSTOR, locate the Start DWORD and double-click “Start” to edit the value. Change the Value data to “4” and then click Ok.

Step 5. Once completed, close the Registry editor. Windows will no longer start the USB device when detected.

Note: If you need to enable the USB ports, follow the above steps, but in step 4, change the value of the Start DWORD to a “3” instead of a “4”.

Disable USB Ports through USB Device Manager

Step 1. Right Click on My Computer then Click on Manage.
Step 2. Now a new window will open with a Name of Computer Management.
Step 3. Click on Device Manger at the Left side of the Opened window.
Step 4. Now find Universal Serial Bus Controller at the Right side of the Window.
Step 5. Now Right Click on Every USB controller to Disable all the drivers.

Note: If you see no changes in your settings then you have to restart your computer.

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