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Shalwar Kameez – Our Dress

In accurate agreement a dress is a animal physique accoutrement or clothing. But in allegory dress serves added than simple clothing. It is not bound to accommodate accoutrement and abundance to animal body. Shalwar Kamiz – Our Dress

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Balochi Dress (Shalwar Kameez)

The women abrasion Shalwar and apart Kameez absolute of arresting aggravate work. The exclusiveness of the Balochi dress is the admittance of abridged in foreground ancillary of the women clothing. It helps them to authority all-important objects.

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Pakhtoons of Quetta

The Pathans or Pakhtoons are one of the acclaimed and altered nations of the world. They acquire a flush history and culture. In this article we shall apperceive about the Pathans of Quetta. The Pathans in Quetta lives in majority in sibi , chaman ,Qila Saif Ullah ,Loralai,Ziarat and Zhob. …

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Balochi Culture

Balochi culture is fully changed as compare to General Thought’s about it. Baluchistan is the Home of Mountains, deserts and Sterile land. Balochi culture is a full of traditions, arts and handicrafts which are not only famous only in Pakistan it also has Popularity in all over the world. Balochi Embroidery …

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Pashtoon Culture

Pashtoo culture is full of respect, kindness with their neighbors, friends and relatives. They are loyal and if they once promised they are going to fulfill in any case. Sworn and Modesty are the feature of their culture. They speak truth and are kind. pashtoon are famous of their modesty …

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Brahvi Culture

The tribe brahvi lives in Sindh, Balochistan, Afghanistan, Iran and Major Part is lives in Baluchistan.Brahvi became famous in 17th century from kalat.their ruler rueld fo 300 years in kalat even kalat remained independent when the british occupied sub-continent. At last kalat became the part of Pakistan in 1948. Brahvi …

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