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Balochi Culture

Balochi culture is fully changed as compare to General Thought’s about it. Baluchistan is the Home of Mountains, deserts and Sterile land. Balochi culture is a full of traditions, arts and handicrafts which are not only famous only in Pakistan it also has Popularity in all over the world.

Balochi Embroidery which represents Balochi culture is done by females.

Balochistan has a history of its tribes and festival’s

Different tribes of Baloch

  • Baloch tribes such as
  • Rind
  • Nosherwani
  • Sanjrani
  • Marri
  • Jamot
  • Ahmedzai
  • Buliadi
  • Gichki
  • Magsi
  • Buggti
  • Lashar
  • Dashti umrani
  • Khiadi
  • Domki
  • Rakhshani
  • Khosa

Speaks Balochi. Balochi is Prehistoric language which an old link to Iranians baranch of Indo-Eroupen. It has similarity to Persian, Sanskrit, Avesta and phalvis.

Every tribe of Baloch it has its own Head of the tribe Known as “Nawab” or “Sardar” or “Malik” or “Takkari” or “Mir”. Where they are the heads of Districts or Their Local “Jirga”.


Every Nation has Their own Social and Religious Festival to celebrate. Similarly Baloch celebrate social and religious festivals such as in religious Festivals “Eid-ul-Fitar” and “Eid-ul-Azaha” with Love and Respect. They are decorating their houses, wearing new clothes and cooking Dishes.

In social festival Like “SIBI Mela” where Million of peoples are coming from different areas of Pakistan to celebrate with Traditional Music, Cultural dance, cattle show and handicrafts is indicating a color full tradition of Baloch.


In Balochi tribes, their Marriages are simple and unique as compare to other provinces of Pakistan. their marriages are accordingly to Islamic principles a “maulana” along with Witness. They also conduct Marriage with other tribes. Their relatives take part and express their views with joy and happiness accordingly to their cultural traditions. Love Marriage and Divorce has very Low Ratio As compart to other provinces because it is a huge dispute of disrespect of the tribe and Family. Various tribe has their own tradition but some are taking “Volwer” Which mean’s to pay some money from Groom side to Bride side.


Baloch culture has many folk Music, dance and songs. Popular songs of their weeding are “Nazenk” and “Salonak”. Local instruments like “Nal”,” Tamboora” and “Saroz” are used in their music.

“Dochap” is a common balcoh Folk Dance.


Shalwar kamez which is national dress of Pakistan are the Dressing of Baloch. Baloch Culture use “Shalwar” “Kamez” with different addition. A short Shirt with loose Wide Shalwar and “Turban”headware is Balochi dress.

Female dress is consist of Kamiz having big pockets designed with embroidery along with  a big “Duppata” to cover head and Shoulders.

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